We are pioneers in manufacturing sustainable and enduring structural footwear materials in India. The fact that India being the second largest producer of footwear in the world made us think that shoes made in India could be manufactured with materials made in India too. We intend to design, create and supply high quality, highly surviving reinforcement material to add value to our customer's products. As we believe in delivering only the best quality, we are manufacturing the non-woven fabric inhouse so that we can ensure the supreme quality of toe puff, counter and insole sheets.

Our customer oriented approach and constant communication with our customers help us make customised solutions for them. Imagine gives world-class support to footwear designers and manufacturers. we provide them with high quality, innovative structural component solutions which are essential to the shoe's shape, comfort, support, fit and performance.We are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery for production of non-woven fabric, insoles, toe puff and counter sheets. all our machine suppliers are among the best in their fields. We have dedicated 33KvA power supply line for uninterrupted electrical supply for consistent productivity. all our electrical and mechanical equipments are as per the govt of india specified norms.



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